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Expandagon Construction System; Expert Kit

Construction System Expert Kit

Hoberman Designs

Click them together with the Construction System . Among the list of key attributes for these sets is the oppenheim best toy award and parents' choice award!. Other features include things like for ages 8 and up. To order the product now at the best price, click on the shopping cart add to shopping cart button below.

Inventor Chuck Hoberman's construction kit adapts to straightforward geometric shapes or to more elaborate fantasy forms. When connected, the colorful, interlocking square and triangular blocks open and close in fluid slow motion. as well since the much more academic shapes. At the bottom of each page in the instruction booklet, there are"Fun Geometry"suggestions or"Inventors hints. The EXPERT kit has enough pieces to develop an icosahedron (not truncated, though, for soccer fans ). It might be a good, fun 3-dimensional strategy to geometry of solids. You may also build rockets, star cruisers, etc. This building system enables you to produce a shape that will unfold and transform into a new, different, expanded shape by pressing any set of Magic Points."This creative system provides children ages 8 and up with a fun, hands-on feel for geometry. Kit includes: 20 Expanda-Triangles, 6 Expanda-Squares, 18 X-Linkages, 24 Swivel-Hubs, 60 Connector Tubes, 16 Nexus Connectors, 6 Open-Clips.


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