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* Gears Gizmos 82 Pieces

Gears Gizmos 82 Pieces


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* Set imaginations in motion with this wacky gear set that whirls and twirls beyond any kid's wildest dreams. Includes springs, spirals and propeller, plus small, medium and considerable gears and bases. Gears! Gears! Set Includes: 4 peg adapters, 11 small gears, 5 medium gears, 4 huge gears, 7 tiny bases, 4 medium bases, 3 huge bases, 6 six-way axles, 8 pillar connectors, 9 large pillars, 12 tiny pillars, 1 crown gear, 2 T-connectors, 2 angle connectors, 2 spring connectors, 1 propeller and 1 crank Big 82-piece easy-to-assemble construction set may possibly be employed alone or combined with other Gears! sets for even more fun.


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